What I really appreciate about Roberto Perotti is his capacity to be himself in everything he does unlike many painters of the present time. ( I am not only referring to his paintings but also to his: books, poetries, essays, drawings and pictures). He starts informally with the use of “signs” inspired by Pollock and then he moves on towards a figurative symbolism where symbols evolve: the “vegetation” becomes “trees”, the “fences” become “cities”. (the fences are transformed in a series of buildings). The cities reflect themselves on the water but after a decade the water tilts. This creates an upsetting instability.
Finally, the reassuring shape of the dome appears behind the houses and the dome is free and it tries to reach the desired sky that now looks closer than ever before.
His way of living both his life and art looks like a circle or like an ascending spiral; we are all curious to know what will come next.

Fabio Capocaccia

trad. Alessandra Di Falco


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